Dr Michał Aleksander Zdanowicz

  • 21. 06. 2007

    Graduation from the Medical University in Warsaw

  • May 2008

    Starting training courses

  • Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine

     Continuation of an education

  • Specialistic private doctor’s practice

    Medical offices in Wisla and Skoczow


I graduated from the Medical University in Warsaw ( I Faculty of Medicine ) on 21.06.2007.
I went into aesthetic medicine in May 2008 when I started training courses provided by Prof. Andrzej Kaszuba, MD, PhD in Training Centre of Aesthetic Dermatology DERMED in Lodz.
I continued my study in Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine – European Anti-Aging Training Centre FENICE in Warsaw.

I am a member of the Polish Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Society under the supervision of dr Andrzej Ignaciuk ( Department of Polish Medical Association ).
I constantly develop my knowledge and skills by attending courses, scientific meetings and conventions, as well as through self-education. Thanks to many years of practice I have a lot of experience. I also developed new surgical procedures in accordance with a holistic attitude towards a patient.
Everyone knows that I am an aesthete who loves people and beauty. I became a doctor and deal with this particular health profession in order to help people to stay young for all their lives.
It’s one of my professional careers.
I also specialise in medical rehabilitation and sports medicine.
I run my own business and doctor’s practice together with my mentor – my mother who is a neurologist. We support each other technically and we share our experience. We want our patients to be in a good condition – both physical and mental.



Hotel Gołębiewski - Gołębiowska Medical SPA

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Office in Wisla

Hotel Gołębiewski Gołębiowska Medical SPA
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ALFA Centrum Lekarskie

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Office in Skoczow

ALFA Centrum Lekarskie
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